with existing building materials

Cerlos products are:

Our technology is versatile:

Superior Characteristics

Fire resistant, achieving class A fire rating.
Termite and insect resistant.
Water stable, won’t shrink or swell.
All-weather stable against rain, snow, sun.
Mold and mildew resistant.
Easily installed with carpentry tools.
Fully recyclable.

Leading Technology

MOXY OID is a technology company focused on creating high-performance building materials.
Our breakthrough technology can create virtually endless types of building material products utilizing our patent pending low energy manufacturing process.
Our process combines 3 earth friendly non-toxic ingredients creating a proprietary new composite building material, branded as Cerlos.
CERLOS products have advantages over virtually all its competition in performance, price and global environmental sustainability.
1. Moxy built 10 miniature houses to demonstrate fire-resistance of Cerlos.
2. Only 1 was built using CERLOS, the others with regular wood. The houses were set on fire.
3. Only one left standing, CERLOS! Which house would you live in?



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Moxy’s proprietary process allows significant flexibility to manufacture an array of finished products with varying density, strength, look and feel all while maintaining the positive CERLOS material attributes like fire-resistance, workability, water and all-weather stability.