Following our extensive R&D and subsequent pilot manufacturing facility we adopted lean manufacturing processes that refined the shape of our business enabling us to facilitate positive change by embracing a ‘Lean Teams’ principle with a small group of very talented executives.

To maintain sustainable fast paced innovation, we recognized that people with their hands on the product are most likely have the best ideas, so we encourage every idea to be heard. We do not waste time with long feedback loops up and down the chains of command, but rather processes for communication to ensure that decisions are being made with the most relevant, timely information resulting in continuous improvement.

We hire smart ambitious team members and give them the tools they need to be successful, and then, most importantly, get out of their way. Our purpose and goal are to build a sustainable, healthy company on a foundation of respect, learning, and empowering people to do their best work resulting in the most value for the customer and shareholders.



Who They Are.


MOXY OID’s close collaboration with the IMAL-PAL team of experts is to ensure both versatility and a successful outcome. The systems and equipment of the IMAL- PAL group may be found in virtually every PB, MDF and OSB production plant around the world. The systems and equipment manufactured by the IMAL- PAL group are renowned worldwide for their high quality construction and design, advanced software and process control and continual innovations to improve product quality and cut production costs.
The world recognized IMAL PAL group will propose the most suitable solution to minimize production costs and to achieve maximum performance at the same time.

VDL Enabling Technologies

Increasingly, VDL companies are involved at an early stage in co-developing their products, together with their clients. We can offer added value by employing our knowledge in the field of materials, production, assembly and supply chain management. The shift is taking us from ‘build to print’ and ‘build to specifications’ via ‘build to requirements’ (by adding additional specifications and solutions) until we eventually arrive at ‘build to roadmap’ (full service through to manufacture including innovations added for the client).
VDL Enabling Technologies Group


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