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Moxy OID is the first company to discover how to successfully deploy ‘Mineralization’ in a manufacturing line. Mineralization (petrification) is nature’s way to strengthen and densify soft organic fibers, and also permanently sequesters the carbon. Moxy’s manufacturing process uses inexpensive scrap fibers and uses mineralization to convert it into a CO2-negative material which can be shaped into a wide variety of building products – such as home siding, roofing tiles, sheathing or structural beams.
Moxy combines non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients, creating a proprietary new building material branded as CERLOS. CERLOS products are Fire+Insect+Rot+Mold resistant [F.I.R.M]. Starting with siding, then adding roofing and sheathing products, CERLOS offers unsurpassed capabilities at a lower cost than competitive materials.
Moxy’s proprietary trade secret technologies and market disruptive products will serve endless possibilities to launch the company into a leading global player in the near trillion-dollar building materials market with our sustainable material technology.


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David Warner is the founder and owner of Redhorse Constructors (Est. 1981). For the past four decades he has been working on new urban formations around sustainable and resilient infrastructure and construction systems, serving as an advisor to startups that are creating new materials and systems for this new urban design intent.
David’s company “Redhorse Constructors” can be found by clicking here:
Redhorse Constructor’s Recognitions / Awards:
2019: “Design Award of Excellence” Luxe Gold List 2019
2011: “Custom Home of the Year” Custom Home Design Awards
2010: “Design Award of Excellence” Society of American Registered Architects, California
2010: “Design Award Honor” Society of American Registered Architects, New York



CERLOS Products Are:

Our IP-Protected Platform Technology is Versatile:

Fire Resistant, Achieving Class A Fire Rating
Termite, Insect, Rodent and Bird Resistant
Water Stable, Won’t Shrink or Swell
All-Weather Stable; Rain, Snow, Sun
Mold and Mildew Resistant
18 years and $20 million in R&D resulted in this market disruptive material.
CERLOS products have advantages over virtually all its competition in performance, price and global environmental sustainability.
CERLOS products are easily installed with conventional carpentry tools and are fully recyclable.


Moxy’s proprietary process allows significant flexibility to manufacture an array of finished products with verifying density, look and feel all while maintaining the positive CERLOS material attributes like fire resistance, water and all-weather stability, and workability.



USA Market Size in $ Billions USD

Global Market Size in $ Billions USD