MOXY’s Goal Is To
Manufacture Better, Safer & Environmentally Sound Building Materials.


  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Insect/Mold Resistant
  • UV- Stability
  • Standard Carpentry Tools
  • Easily Stained/Painted
  • No Toxic Dust or Emissions
  • Versatility in Style

  • Long Life Span
  • Water Stable, Won’t Shrink or Swell
  • Material is Fire and Heat Resistant
  • Ideal for Freeze/Thaw and Wet Prone Areas
  • Resistant to Warping and Rotting
  • Minimal Maintenance Required
  • 50-Year Warranty or More

100% natural ingredients giving rise to unprecedented aesthetic possibilities, excellent handling characteristics and durability.

It is the “most revolutionary material since plastic”.

Home Siding and Slate Roof image
The process to manufacture CERLOS is unique and low-energy. CERLOS, while being able to take on a number of different visual appearances, feels like a ceramic but is not brittle. It can be cut, drilled, glued, nailed and take a paint or stain like wood. It is fire-resistant earning a Class A fire rating, remains dimensionally stable in water, will not deform when exposed to freeze/thaw cycles, and cannot be eaten by insects or rodents.
We sometimes use the term “engineered wood” to describe CERLOS, although this description fails to adequately express the unique opportunities CERLOS brings to the building world. We will introduce CERLOS into the marketplace using producttypes that will be familiar to architects and builders so that they will initially understand ways in which the material can be used in preference to current choices. But CERLOS is as much a substitute for natural wood, as it is for engineered wood, fiber and Portland cement, MgO/Mag, and gypsum boards, plastics or other composites. In fact, we believe that CERLOS can be used in so many ways that it will fundamentally change the building materials marketplace.
MOXY’s CERLOS products have a unique advantage over competing traditional products by the unlimited supply / origin of the raw materials used, the combination of its quality properties and the fact that at the end of a cycle of use the product can be recycled, (cradle to cradle). In addition, in almost all cases the product is superior to, and not as expensive as comparable products.



Low energy proprietary production line process. Input material preparation to end-product in just hours.


Pilot Plant

Pilot plant production facility validated commercial quality and quantity production.


Fire Resistance Testing

Extreme fire resistance testing in corporate lab and certification lab.


Product Workability

Product being used with standard carpentry tools.



Surrey Office and QC Laboratory.


EU Lab

Product samples being manufactured in our EU lab.